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Carpet Cleaning Near
Air Duct Cleaning Services
Carpet Cleaning Professionals Are The Clean Air Experts

Carpet Cleaning Professionals is a full service cleaning company, and we offer a fully guaranteed air duct cleaning service for commercial, industrial and residential customers. Our team of professionals works safely, efficiently and we work around your schedule. Carpet Cleaning Professionals offer our customers a complete line of services and maintenance for any air duct cleaning, carpet, upholstery, or other surface areas that require professional cleaning. While there are several products on the market for the DIY cleaner, only the professional air duct cleaning services provided by a company like Carpet Cleaning Professionals can guarantee the work will be done in such a way as to avoid damage to your home or commercial surfaces.

Air Duct Cleaning Equals Quality Air

Air conditioning and ventilation systems collect impurities like mold, mildew, dust, pollens, animal dander and bacterial growth, known causes for respiratory distress in both young and old alike. Regular cleaning of the vents, grills and changing the filters can alleviate some issues, but only a through air duct cleaning by professionals can remove the hidden contaminants that regularly clog air ducts and are blown around your home or business by the forced air or heat units you use for comfort.

Only a professional air duct cleaning service can provide the assurance that your ducts need cleaning, and air ducts should only be cleaned every three to five years. This will preserve the ventilation system from damage and ensure your home or business is kept clean and the air fresh.

Using Cutting Edge Technology In the Hands Of Experts

Carpet Cleaning Professionals employs knowledgeable technicians who use the latest tools, equipment and cleaning products available for ventilation system maintenance and air duct cleaning.  By utilizing the proper tools and equipment our experts can use a combination of power brushing and extraction of debris and contaminants that alleviate their escape into your home or business. We then dispose of the debris in an approved dumping area.
Air Duct Cleaning Services Include:
  • Onsite Inspection/Recommendation For Service
  • Ventilation System Cleaning For Residential/Commercial/Industrial Systems
  • Complete Service Of System Blower Fans
  • Clean Drain Pans
  • Inspect And Clean Coils
  • Final Systems Check For Proper Operation Of Cooling And Heating System
Once we have completed any air duct cleaning service or related ventilation system maintenance, we assure our customers that we will only leave once all systems are shown to be working properly. The fact is, after we perform any air duct cleaning, you will find that your systems air flow increases, as the efficiency level rises; this will in turn have a direct affect on lowering your energy cost.

Carpet Cleaning Professionals is a customer focused company, and this translates to customer satisfaction. We provide air duct cleaning that will improve the environments of your home, office or business, and save you money over time. Our air duct cleaning services are performed in an efficient, timely manner at a cost you can afford.

You can call Carpet Cleaning Professionals at 888-374-3502 or contact us online for your free estimate or valuable coupon for any air duct cleaning  services you require today. Call us for any service, and see why we have been deemed your local Carpet Cleaning Professionals.